The team at HEFFYS would like to thank all of you for being loyal fans over the last 10 years!  We have had a blast providing BBQ sauce to our friends and customers alike.  I started the business along with Jason and Mike and in the beginning it was an idea of how we could bring folks together, we figured what better way than sauce?  Most occasions revolve around food,  and BBQ's to us are the  best way to gather our friends and family; that is what we based our products on.  Over the past 10 years we have come a long way and sent sauce all over the world and we thank every person that has taken the time to purchase one of our bottles.  

As our brand has evolved, we have continued to choose in which direction we are moving and what fits us best.  We have had the opportunity to continue to increase our local catering and events to friends and business and have decided at this time we are going to discontinue bottled sauce production.  Jenny and I plan to be back into production at some point but for the near future we will be concentrating on other endeavors with Heffys.  

Again, thanks to all of our fans, friends and Family for all of your support and we look forward  to seeing you soon!

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Jenny ( and Jeff (